How was Gurb at the beginning of the 21st century?

  • Is there industrial growing?

Lately, Gurb experimented an industrial growth. It happened thanks to the perfect mix between agriculture and ranching, as well as the business industry and residential areas. 

The business industry is generally based in the meat production, since the most important business in Gurb are Casa Tarradellas, Leche Pascual and DFV.

  • Where are the industries currently located?

Most industries are located in the local district of Gurb, but they try to be as close as possible to Vic because it is an important source of trading

  • Which roads are there?

Nowadays, in Gurb there are two of the most important roads of Catalonia, the C-17 and the Eix Transversal. 

  • Types of industry (%)
    • Agro-industry: 34,4%
    • Service: 20,7%
    • Industrial activity: 15,1%
    • The energetic activities or mining, waste management and shows or leisure are a minority.